Let Felix Lead You Into the Future of Payments

We guarantee <2.0% processing rates

Whether it’s EMV (chip), PCI, or ADA compliance, Felix has every solution to ensure that you are protected in every way, as well as new products to help you save thousands on those unwanted processing fees.

*Estimate based on 1.75% average. Your rate could be as low as 1.6%, but never higher than 1.9%!



Customer Success Story

Brandon Hensley, Founder & CEO of the Tangerine Salon Group discusses how partnering with Felix has helped his business.


It’s your money and you should know what you’re spending, so with Felix, you’ll always know what you are paying without any hidden fees.


Sometimes things come up that need a quick fix so we’re committed to answering your questions or concerns within the hour. It its something more complex, you’ll know the and and where the issue stands.


This is a partnership, not a transaction. We’re always innovating to find new ways to help you navigate today’s complex market and put more money back in your pocket where it belongs.


All Businesses. All Integrations. One Goal.

Whether you’re a beauty salon, dental office, restaurant or e-commerce site, Felix covers all the bases so you don’t have to.



The Latest Technology

Felix implements the latest in EMV (chip), NFC, and swipe technology via Clover, Ingenico, and POYNT.